Munkebo Mikrobrauerei

Munkebo Microbrewery is located on the Danish island of Funen, a old grain drying mill, build in 1962. The brewery was founded in late 2013, and produces 30.000 liters of beer, per month, in different European breweries. We sell our beer in different countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Baltic, Spain and going into USA.

We are located 15 min away from Odense, a town of 200.000 where our island is habitat for 466.000 in total.

We are planning to open our own brewpub in 2018-2019, where our hops are full grown and ready for harvest. We found local hops in the old forest of our island of Fyn and growing them in our 3000 m2 hop field. We found hops with aroma of orange, citrus and pine.

We have the possibility for growing our own barley, own hops and the water is a local well. When we move stain less steel in the old buildings, the place with hum of activity, and happy guests. Munkebo, our local town, is a old Viking settlement, located between two fjords.

At Munkebo hill, there lived a Viking King around year 900. He had his castle between the two fjords of Kerteminde and Odense and could control a large area. When he died he was set to rest in his Viking Ship, and therefore in 1936 it was found and in may 2016, a 100% copy, now patrol the local waters. Our brewmaster were one of 10 men, which dragged the ship from the shipyard to the water. A tradition for Vikings which go back in Scandinavian history.

Our Brewmaster

Our founding family has always brewing beer in the small farms of our island and the knowledge was passed down from mother to daughter in generations, however the family yeast was lost around 1950.

To recreate the family farmhouse ale, our brewmaster which is PhD in Health Science, isolated different strains of brewing yeast from local bees, and one of them, was a perfect match of the aroma and taste of the local beer. So the genuine beer from the old farms, lives again.

Our vision and goal is to focus on beer, where yeast produce delicious aromatic compounds, and flavour our ales. However, we also brew different styles like Scotch ales, Weißbier or very hoppy American ales.

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